The emerging “Inspection Business” and the rising cost to End Users (keynote)


The emerging “Inspection Business” and the rising cost to End Users (keynote)

Why daily? According to IEC 60079-14 a detailed inspection shall follow any installation. The technical content comes from IEC 60079-17. All other inspections shall be according to IEC 60079-17 schedule like 6-12-36 months. BUT: both standards stand for electrical installations, what about non-electrical installations? The schedule is the same, but how we shall proceed? End here, the aim of my article was not the highlighting of consideration for non-electrical topics (next come soon to come).

All above clearly show the emerging importance of Ex inspections, but the rising of costs as well at enduser side. All installations in a possible hazardous area shall be the scope of Ex inspections as final. 

How shall one deal with it? More and more want to take a portion of the cake, many you will see offering inspections services. Certainly they do it well, competent enough. Many endusers request it, because it is mandatory; in case of someone (authority) coming to site, it is a good piece of paper showing them; etc. 


But this shall be really the case?


Ex inspection is good and must have because that way (1) we can confirm the Ex status of all our Ex installations, (2) can have the overview of all Ex installations on site, (3) can track all Ex installations, (4) can build up the Verification Dossier, (5) can build up the internal Ex competency and compliance system, (6) can define later Ex developments, (7) can judge later hazardous area designs, (8) can control Ex maintenance works, (9) purchasing will be made easy, etc.


Ex inspection's output not only a bunch of papers, but a complete list of live data summarizing of all above. 


The result of Ex inspection is an actual status, so it is the responsibility of the ownership how one moves forward. A big question mark how we use it, but what we get as well?!


Do not accept:

- pdf files, but database as result of Ex inspection (certainly you get, what you pay for)

- single inspections (Ex), but follow up inspections (Ex) based on one before to see changes, and establish real lifetime tracking

- incompetent Ex inspectors, because what they find in reality that shall be the basis of your database - reading can everyone, but competent inspectors to help building up one's internal Ex competence and compliance system

- Ex repairs without Ex inspection of the repair facility

- installation / maintenance teams incompetent in terms of Ex, but competent teams for covering all aspects required

- ...


I mean both sides can profit from quality requirements and -work on the other side for increasing hazardous area safety. And both sides can profit that way for sure!


Have fun, a safe one :)


Mr. Arpad Veress
MD, IECEx/ATEx auditor


Atex professionals


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