New Ex Non-Electrical Standards published


New Ex Non-Electrical Standards published

The production of these standards are a result of ISO sub-committee SC31M working under the guidance of the IEC committee TC31, because of conflicting requirements between electrical and non-electrical equipment. The new standards are based on the original EN 13463 requirements but ensure compatibility and bring up the level to state of the art.

ISO 80079-36_General requirements for Non-Electrical Equipment and Ignition Hazard Determination, relies on references to IEC 60079-0 and will replace EN 13463-1.

ISO 80079-37 _Specific Requirements for Ignition Protection Types “Constructional Safety”, “Control of Ignition Sources” and “Liquid Immersion” replaces EN 13463-5, EN 13463-6 and EN 13463-8

Dual-badged (ISO and IEC) the standards will have an ISO number in the same basic series as the electrical standards.  The 80__ prefix, rather than the 60__ prefix indicating a dual-badged standard.

The most noticeable changes for manufacturers to take into account are:

  • "Ex h" will replace individual protection types "c", "b" and "k" and will also apply to equipment complying to 80079-36 only. Historically there was no code applicable to equipment complying to EN 13463-1_General Requirements
  • Equipment Protection Level (EPL) associated with electrical equipment will also apply to non-electrical equipment e.g. Ex h IIB T3 Gb following the preceding directive part
  • Likely 3 year transition period between the old and new standards meaning EN 13463 will be valid until 2019
  • Standards to be incorporated into the IECEx Equipment Certification Scheme, meaning internationally recognised certification for non-electrical equipment
  • IECEx Assembly Certification will no longer be limited to electrical parts, complete assembly certification to cover non-electrical ignition sources




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