Flash-Point & Auto-Ignition Temperature


Flash-Point & Auto-Ignition Temperature

An Actor with natural talent for playing villainous roles

Temperature is an actor present in all scenes of a Hazardous Area ,ready to play its inherently villainous role.

Let us take a look at Aristotle’s Tragic Plot Structure.

The master has elaborated the chain of events leading to the climax of a tragedy.

There are striking similarities with a Hazardous Area in operation. Notice the change in the direction of the plot initiated by change of fortune   . Temperature values within a hazardous area have this potential to change the normal course of events and lead the operation to a tragic end.

Temperature can easily disturb the normal chain of events in any industrial process and  sets the stage for a tragedy



So let us cross-check the role of temperature within a Hazardous Area

1. The official definition

Temperature is the measure of the degree of heat present within a body or more technically it is the measure of the average kinetic energy of the molecules of a body.

2. Let us visit a simplified Hazardous Area

The most basic form of a Hazardous Area consists of :

1.Electrical Equipment

2.Mechanical Equipment

3.Flammable Material (Undergoing process)



Consider this to be our stage and the show is going on in full swing with all actors performing their respective roles.

Remember : This is not a Tragedy

If we look closely we will find our villain well hidden.



Its there !

Inside all the

  • electrical equipment like Lighting Fixture , cables ,Terminals , Circuit Breakers  etc.

Indicated as the Temperature Class or T-Class

  • mechanical equipment. All moving parts , pipe-joints, flanges etc.
  • flammable materials

Documented as  FLASH-POINT, FIRE-POINT , Auto-Ignition Temperature

  • Ambient temperature

Since our play is not meant to be be a Tragedy , then the villain should remain inactive and silent without any action & activity.

To achieve this, we will have to consult & follow the following well written & documented scripts by the EXPERTS of International Electrotechnical Commission .



IEC 60079-10  &  IEC 60079-14

According to the script

Keep all respective temperatures  compatible  with Ignition Temperature of the flammable material.

Flash point is used to classify the volatile material into following main Classes:-




The most notorious &  (explosively) active parameter within a Hazardous Area is THE TEMPERATURE.

Its run-away values,  during operation of a Gas Plant or any process involving materials which may form explosive mixture with air  (and may cause explosion upon ignition ) , leads to catastrophe & tragedy.





Source: https://expeltec.com/2017/06/28/flash-point-auto-ignition/ 






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